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Healthcare Solutions

For more than 20 years, Derive Technologies' dedicated healthcare practice has served the needs of some of the largest healthcare organizations and hospitals in the Tri-State area. Ranging from healthcare consulting, IT infrastructure and implementation, wide-ranging support of clinical point-of-care needs, to telemedicine, infection control, and service plans and device lifecycle support, Derive is the trusted partner and advisor healthcare professionals turn to.

Derive Technologies is proud to have nurtured long-term collaborative relationships with these world-renowned healthcare organizations:

Ellis Hospital

New York Presbyterian Hospital

NY Methodist Hospital

NYP - Hudson Valley Hospital

Hospital for Special Surgery

New York Hospital Queens

Jamaica Hospital

NY Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital

Flushing Hospital

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

Maimonides Medical Center

Columbia University Medical Center

Montefiore Medical Center

NYPH/Gracie Square Hospital

White Plains Hospital

Weill Cornell Medicine

Mount Sinai Health System

Capital Health

Memorial Sloan Kettering

RWJ Barnabas Health System

Mount Sinai South Nassau

Stony Brook University Medical Center

Northwell Health

Westchester Medical Center

NYC Health & Hospitals

Health Alliance Hospital

CarePoint Health

Catholic Health of Long Island

St. Joseph’s

New York Foundling Hospital

Englewood Hospital & Medical Center

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Derive Technologies’ dedicated healthcare practice meets or exceeds the rigorous standards set by numerous professional organizations, healthcare associations, and system manufacturers. This

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Purchasing Vehicles That Bring Value to Healthcare: By managing a wide variety of contract vehicles that streamlines procurement we enable lower prices through volume discounts. We make it easy for

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From the company's inception more than 20 years ago, Derive Technologies has always understood that quality technology products and solutions are only effective if they are properly selected,

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Derive Technologies partners with leading healthcare hardware vendors to offer a wide array of clinical solutions accommodating various requirements and needs associated with telemedicine care

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Derive Technologies serves many of the world's leading medical institutions, innovating and collaborating with both our healthcare customers and leading manufacturing partners to deliver solutions to

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Derive’s expertise spans all of the IT technology deployed in today’s healthcare organizations, from the simplest endpoint devices and mobile computing solutions to complete data center

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In the highly specialized world of healthcare workflow transformation, Derive Technologies brings two decades of business-technology consulting and 15 years’ worth of healthcare-specific

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Derive Technologies brings unrivaled experience to the task of integrating clinical point-of-care systems and data into all healthcare organizational environments, large and small. Our solutions

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Closed-loop medication administration helps maximize point-of-care patient safety processes including the bedside verification of the “five rights” of medication administration (the right

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In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic’s unprecedented strain on the nation’s healthcare infrastructure and economy, the need for reducing Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) has never

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