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Financial Services

Derive routinely delivers world-class business technology solutions to financial institutions of all types and sizes.

With more than two decades of experience servicing the needs of leading banking and Wall Street financial organizations, Derive is exceptionally well-positioned to address their specialized IT support services and computational needs.

With strategic technology partners such as industry leaders Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP, Microsoft, Cisco, Nutanix, VMware, Citrix, and others — plus Derive’s agnostic stance toward industry-leading hardware and software providers, Derive assists clients with “best-fit” IT support services and solutions as they adopt hybrid cloud operations that span on-premise facilities plus private and public cloud capabilities, enabling critical internal and customer-facing applications to be delivered reliably with high-performance levels and at affordable cost.

Derive Understands Financial Sector Challenges

For many financial enterprises, Derive typically focuses on:

  • Application virtualization solutions that allow fast deployment of remote office capabilities—critical to accommodate rapid and possibly permanent changes in workforce trends during the COVID-19 era, and beyond

  • Elimination and/or consolidation of costly infrastructure through hyper-convergence and other approaches

  • Secure backup and security systems to meet the critical requirements of hardening computing infrastructure assets against data loss, downtime, and ransomware/hacking threats

  • Workforce mobility and secure endpoint computing solutions that emphasize application flexibility, storage optimization, and secure remote access to critical business applications

  • Business and infrastructure transformation with cloud, hybrid cloud, edge computing, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that meet current needs for the data-driven enterprise, while also remaining compliant and secure

  • Virtualizing datacenters to modernize and extend the power and reliability of traditional, existing corporate infrastructure

  • Securing communications infrastructures with trusted technology

  • Facilitating datacenter relocations and co-locations locally and remotely

  • Reducing environmental footprints via more efficient print and scan technologies

  • Flexible leasing options and technology consolidation

  • Ensuring technology compliance with federal regulations (SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and other standards)

      To learn more about Derive’s IT support services and technology capabilities, visit the Solutions, Technology, and Resources website sections. And to speak with a senior Derive technologist, please click the Schedule Consultation button above or complete the contact form here.


      Derive Technologies has more than 20 years' worth of experience solving complex issues. Derive Technologies' New York area-based healthcare technology practice (specializing in healthcare data management and healthcare cybersecurity) serves some of the world's largest and most prestigious providers in the Tri-State area, including public and private hospital systems, research and elder care facilities, educational institutions, and clinics. NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation NY
      learn more

      State and Local Government Plus Education (SLED)

      Derive support for the general IT support services and technology sourcing needs of New York State and New York City agencies and educational entities spans two decades.  Today, we continue to help them make their budgetary, strategic IT planning, compliance, security, and sourcing decisions. We've also expanded to serve the State of New Jersey (NJ), and opportunities associated with the United States General Services Administration (US GSA) contract. In 2021, city, state, and federal
      learn more

      Professional Services Organizations

      Derive supports professional services firms with affordable, secure data, infrastructure, cloud, mobility, and collaboration solutions. For the past two decades, we have supported the technology and business needs of some of the New York Metro area’s most important medium and large-size professional services firms in the: Legal Advertising and media Architecture Real estate and construction Accounting Engineering …and other specialty disciplines. Our focus is on
      learn more

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