Derive has lived & breathed technology for two decades & continues to thrive in a world of constant transformation.


Our Origins

Our CEO founded a predecessor company to Derive on Wall Street 30 years ago. That was the time of nascent use of desktop computing for businesses, with, according to the "ComputerHope" website, IBM's "logoIBM PC Division (PCD)," having "launched its first laptop computer, the PC Convertible." It was this period in business history that saw, along with Microsoft's initial listing (1986) on the New York Stock Exchange, the formation of the "The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), Compaq's introduction of the first 386-based PC compatible computer," the launch of Apple's Mac Plus, and other groundbreaking technologies that began to dramatically change the landscape.


Throughout the years, Derive's current management, sales, and technology solutions teams -- in various organizations -- worked separately and together to meet the ever-changing needs of New York Metro Area corporations and public sector and government entities. This brought about the company's formation.

Client needs grew from heavy infrastructure largely disconnected from incipient business systems, to solutions that could bring together data centers with personal computers, or could manage data of great variety and sensitivity at the most reasonable cost and operational efficiencies.


In 2000, at the height of the " boom," computing, Internet, applications, data and networks were peaking in cost and complexity, and information distributed more broadly than ever previously imagined, with fears of the stability of that critical business data and increasing knowledge of the threats to its security.

That's when Derive Technologies' executive team came together to create the company that continues to do business today. We have been immersed, for the past 16 years, in meeting the challenges of businesses and other institutions of all sizes, throughout the New York Metro Area, the entire United States, and across the world, with continually evolving solutions that keep them up and running, safe, secure and able to innovate and better form relationships with their customers and constituents.


Today, Derive leverages our powerful relationships with worldwide leaders such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), HP, Inc., Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, Apple, Citrix, Lenovo, and a series of other strategic alliance partners to collaboratively develop solutions that address specific vertical industry and other specialized needs.

We work together with these preeminent global brands to solve the real-world problems faced by today's businesses for increasing productivity, to foster better customer and constituent relationships in rapidly-changing, on-demand, always on, Internet of Everything (IoT) service delivery paradigms, to protect data and office and mobile systems, and to improve operational efficiencies, all while reducing overall costs associated with technology ownership.


Derive Today

Our decades of experience with the evolution of business technology, and our lab-quality development of IT business solutions for our clients along side of the very best strategic partners, makes us live and breathe what we do. This translates into deep commitment to the solutions that we provide... we don't just deliver, our minds and hearts are in every data center or network design, in every product configuration and installation, in every cloud computing or virtualization solution, and in the lifecycle of support services that we provide to make your business run more efficiently.