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Cisco Datasheet on Cisco's Managed Detection and Response service.
Extended infographic on use cases for the Cisco Catalyst 8000 Edge Platforms family.
Extended infographic - 5 use cases for Cisco SD-WAN.
Infographic - Why Your Business Deserves Better Security.
Infographic - Expert Cybersecurity, Managed for You.
Your WAN Security - Top 3 Threat Types and How to Outsmart Them.
SecureX Infographic: Time is Constrained. Security Threats Are Not.
Webex Calling by Cisco.
Infographic on Cisco's MDR (Managed Detection and Response service).
Infographic: Cisco's DNA Center product, and how AI/ML improves threat detection.
Citrix 2022 Desktop-as-a-Service adoption trends and insights.
Datasheet on how Citrix DaaS provides IT control of VMs, apps, and security.
Datasheet on delivering secure digital workspaces with Citrix Workspace and Windows Virtual Desktop.
Infographic on 5 advantages of using Citrix SD-WAN on AWS.
Competition sell-sheet on key differentiators and benefits associated with Citrix SD-WAN.
Backgrounder on Citrix Secure Internet Access, a comprehensive, cloud-delivered security service.
Datasheet on Citrix customer success tools, resources, and support.
Product overview on the Citrix Workspace Browser, used for Zero Trust Network Access solutions.
Datasheet on a Citrix-Nutanix virtual "Desktop-as-a-Service" that runs on a customer's choice of cloud facilities. Includes customer uptake insights.
Dell Sell sheet showcasing PowerStore features, benefits, and differentiators with respect to Pure Storage.
Top 10 reasons to utilize Dell data analytics.
Better ROI and faster data analytics with Dell's APEX Private Cloud compared to comparable Amazon EC2 instances.
Use case involving Dell EMC PowerScale and Dell partner Superna protecting medical images from cyber criminals.
One-pager on how the Dell EMC PowerEdge MX family of products, with Vmware Cloud Foundation, delivers full-fledged software-defined datacenters and hybrid cloud.
Solution brief on how PowerScale cyber protection safeguards DNA sequencing data.
Datasheet detailing top reasons to migrate to Dell EMC PowerStore storage solutions.
Top 10 reasons why customers choose Dell PowerStore storage.
One-page infographic on gaining agility and scalability with Dell VXRail and PowerStore.
Cloud solution brief on using scalable server platforms for mixed workloads across cloud environments.
Performance metrics on Dell's APEX Private Cloud compared to Amazon EC2 instances.
Solution brief on Dell's VDI solutions for higher education.
Top reasons to virtualize with high-performance Dell servers and storage.
HPE - Aruba Infographic on HPE's Datacenter Care support services.
Datasheet on HPE's Datacenter Care support services for high-performance computing centers.
Solution brief on HPE's Backup and Recovery Impact Analysis Service.
Solution brief focusing on HPE's comprehensive support for Epic EHR systems, encompassing HPE Synergy, HPE OneView, and HPE storage.
Solution brief on HCI with HPE and AMD.
Summary of Aruba technical competency requirements.
Summary of HPE's remote work, collaboration, and financial service offerings for higher education institutions.
Nutanix Datasheet on Nutanix Era: Database-as-a-service.
Use cases for employing Nutanix to simplify and save on database operations.
10 customer examples of using Nutanix to modernize datacenter operations.
Solution brief focusing on Penn National Insurance using Nutanix to simplify and accelerate hybrid and multicloud Citrix deployments.
Focus on End User Computing, utilizing virtual apps and desktop solutions from Citrix and Nutanix.
Solution brief on a hybrid and multi-cloud-ready private cloud environment.
Sell sheet on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform (Acropolis File Services).
Sell sheet on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform--an Ideal Platform for DevOps.
Slides on 8 compelling reasons to migrate from SAN to HCI infrastructure.


Advantech® is a leading player in the global healthcare market. Advantech iHealthcare has developed its core competencies and collaborated with international medical equipment manufacturers and system integrators to assist hospitals with advancing patient-centered...
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Amico designs, manufactures, and markets a broad range of products for virtually every department in today’s healthcare facilities. Amico’s product groups encompass: Headwalls Casework (customized hospital wall layouts) Suction and oxygen therapy...
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Barco® Healthcare designs and develops leading visualization products for healthcare organizations with an integrated approach. Across the hospital enterprise, Barco’s display systems help improve clinical performance in every department, including: Radiology:...
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Capsa Healthcare

Capsa Healthcare has a leadership position in the critical areas of medication management, healthcare IT, and pharmacy automation. Capsa solutions are deployed in an array of care environments including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, pharmacies and...
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Code is a technology leader in the latest generation of image-based barcode scanning systems used in critical applications found in healthcare, technology manufacturing, transportation, and other diverse industries.Code barcode reading solutions can be integrated into all...
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In the healthcare vertical, Ergotron boasts a wide portfolio of medical carts, wall-mounted workstations, and telehealth solutions. Medical carts – StyleView and CareFit carts are available in a wide range of configuration options and accessories, making them...
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Fujitsu’s Imaging Solutions group specializes in compact form-factor, high-performance document scanners particularly well-suited to the needs of healthcare organizations, exemplified by the award winning fi-800R. This ultra-compact and versatile scanner saves valuable...
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Humanscale Healthcare is a leader in next-generation point-of-care solutions that advance caregiver and patient safety, engagement, and satisfaction. The company’s mission is to create innovative healthcare technology solutions that empower a higher standard of patient...
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JACO is a leading manufacturer and integrator of point-of-care Electronic Medical Records (EMR) mobile computer carts, mobile cart power systems, wall stations and wall arm technology. JACO’s EVO series of powered and unpowered carts (for medical, telemedicine,...
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Metro delivers comprehensive solutions for healthcare providers with needs in the following areas: Shelving and racks Medical carts and medical storage COVID-19 solutions such as barriers, shields, sanitizer stands and holders, and PPE storage Workcenters, tables, and...
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Seal Shield

Seal Shield is a global leader in the development and manufacture of effective infection prevention technologies for healthcare and other industries. Seal Shield’s commitment to reducing the instance of cross contamination infections is reflected in their wide and...
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Zebra strives to improve patient care by utilizing leading-edge barcode scanning and associated technologies ensures the right patient receives the right care at the right time. Use cases for Zebra scanners include: Patient identification Specimen collection Medication...
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As a Dell Technologies Gold Certified channel partner, Derive represents Dell’s wide portfolio of datacenter, storage, cloud and desktop products plus related services. This includes:
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Derive’s Premier Certification status with Cisco—and a long list of diverse technical certifications—enables fast, expert assessments, design, implementation, and support of today’s complex data network needs. Most of Derive’s work with Cisco...
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A highly valued channel partner, Citrix enables organizations to effectively support traditional office and remote virtual workforces with exceptional user experiences delivered via seamless VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) environments. Accompanied by easy-to-use...
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Derive Technologies partners with Nutanix to deliver powerful IT solutions based on the vendor’s highly popular hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology. Derive and Nutanix can deliver the promise of HCI: A full IT infrastructure stack integrating compute,...
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Veeam is an industry-leading backup and data management platform for on-premises, cloud-based, and virtual computing environments. In addition to normal organizational concerns about data loss from the unexpected, like power outages, today’s threat environment of...
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Webair specializes on the data security needs of several industry verticals: Financial, Healthcare, and Government. It provides: Private cloud hosting, storage services, and VDI solutions Offsite backups of mission-critical data and applications Highly customizable...
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Gradient Cyber

Derive Technologies partners with Gradient Cyber to deliver cybersecurity threat monitoring, detection, and response 24/7 across your entire IT infrastructure.  Gradient Cyber is a trusted cybersecurity partner operating primarily across the United States and...
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Check Point

DOWNLOAD CUT SHEET Check Point Software is a worldwide provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions founded in 1993. Since then they’ve grown to provide a comprehensive suite of enterprise-level software, however their initial claim to fame was pioneering the...
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HP Inc. (HPI) provides a wide variety of endpoint devices like desktop and notebook computers, monitors, tablets, printers and imaging—along with a wealth of collaborative service offerings related to IT management—for small, medium and large...
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Derive Technologies partners with HPE to deliver comprehensive computing, networking, and storage solutions, all with consumption-model (OPEX) options. Contact Derive for an informational briefing. HPE, formed after its split from the original Hewlett Packard Inc. in...
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As a long-time Microsoft Gold Partner, Derive Technologies is highly experienced in delivering Microsoft’s solutions aimed at the enterprise and SMB space. Derive’s go-to solution portfolio includes Microsoft Windows, Microsoft 365, plus the diverse ecosystem...
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Apple’s long-term relationship with Derive enables us to source, deploy, and support Apple devices and infrastructure for organizations that are both leading-edge and cost-effective. Derive has always taken special pride in being able to provide the full gamut of Apple...
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VMWare is a premier provider of software solutions that enable organizations to operate multiple operating systems, applications, and computing workloads on a single server. By installing a hypervisor software layer on the server, one or more virtual machine environments, or...
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Lenovo’s line of products extends well beyond its well-known and respected lineup of workstations, desktop computers, notebooks, laptops, ultrabooks, tablets, phones (Motorola) and monitors. The firm has extended its reach into the datacenter with high-performance...
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How to Improve Your Healthcare Organization’s Security Awareness

Because healthcare organizations are often targeted by ransomware attacks through phishing emails, promoting security awareness is crucial. Hackers send emails to hospitals and medical centers that seem to come from co-workers or authority figures....

How Healthcare Organizations Can Create a Cybersecurity Framework

As the target of ransomware and other types of cyberattacks, healthcare organizations need to follow a cybersecurity framework that prevents breaches and the resulting loss of patient data. A Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) is a set of guidelines and...

Top 3 Cyberthreats Faced by Healthcare Providers

Today, no type of business or organization is exempt from cybersecurity risk. Healthcare providers find themselves targeted by advanced threats because the information in electronic health records (EHRs) is valuable. Hackers can sell patient...

5 Ways to Strengthen Your SMB’s Security Posture 

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often lack the resources needed to adopt a strong security posture. Given the unrelenting escalation of cyberattacks, SMBs can’t afford to skimp on security. With attacks potentially costing companies...

3 Ways a Healthcare Tablet Can Improve Patient Care

From admission to discharge, healthcare professionals rely on accurate data to deliver quality care. Positive patient identification, medication tracking, and staff communication are just a few of the crucial workflows hinging on dependable data...

Learning Models and Generative AI in Managed Cybersecurity Services

As businesses big and small across the healthcare industry become increasingly reliant on technology to optimize and deliver patient care, effective managed cybersecurity services (outsourced management of security procedures and systems) have never...

Baseline Security Practices for the Modern SMB

Baseline Security Practices for the Modern SMB Cyberattacks around the world are continuing to escalate in both frequency and severity, exacerbated by current global events. Ransomware attacks in particular are an ever-growing threat vector, with the...

5 Reasons Healthcare Cybersecurity Is Crucial

5 Reasons Healthcare Cybersecurity Is Crucial Healthcare cybersecurity has never been more important. With cybersecurity attacks rising in frequency and severity in recent years, catalyzed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine,...

Derive Tech's 3 Most Critical Cybersecurity Services for Enterprise Businesses

Derive Tech's 3 Most Critical Cybersecurity Services for Enterprise Businesses Now more than ever businesses big and small are racing to fortify their cybersecurity defenses to protect themselves against online threats. Russian cyberattacks have...

Everything You Need to Know About Enterprise Cyberattacks in 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Enterprise Cyberattacks in 2022 Cybersecurity threats against enterprise businesses, particularly sophisticated and high-value ransomware attacks, are growing more prevalent by the day…and largely originate...

Creating an Unbreakable Cold Chain for Proper Vaccine Storage

Now more than ever, cold storage is the key to safeguarding vaccine efficacy. Temperature-sensitive medications like the top COVID-19 vaccines require careful tracking since even the smallest deviation above approved storage temperatures can...

How Hospitals are Increasing Asset Availability to Handle High Patient Volume

Increased patient volume has long been a prevalent issue in healthcare. With every flu season, hospitals nationwide have adapted and converted facilities to accommodate a swell of patients. While COVID-19 hospitalizations have been in a...

Three Technologies Curbing the Prevalence of Healthcare Misidentification

An estimated 1 in every 2,326 blood specimens is inaccurately labeled, translating into a recurrent error risk once every two weeks for a standard-sized hospital. Specimen and patient misidentification have been age-old issues in...

What are the Components of an Efficient Telehealth System?

A mere five years ago, telehealth was slowly making its presence known, used by less than 20% of healthcare facilities in the U.S. However, during the coronavirus outbreak, that number skyrocketed by 154% within the first weeks of...

How Enhanced Mobility Overcomes the Challenges in Modern Healthcare

Before the pandemic, new healthcare technologies such as telehealth and clinal mobile devices were already making an impact worldwide. However, now as we continue to move through unprecedented demands, the push for innovation has been superseded by...