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UV-C Disinfection

The use of high-energy ultraviolet light UV-C Disinfection protocols enabled by the use of ultraviolet-C.

Vendor: Seal Shield

The ElectroClave solution is the industry's first comprehensive, UV-C-based system for disinfection and management of mobile electronics.

  • Designed to manage both patient-facing devices and medical staff devices
  • Configurable and adjustable to adapt to changes in workflow and to the growth of your organization's devices
  • Provides 360-degree disinfection coverage of devices placed inside the ElectroClave
  • Adjustable disinfection cycles (with 60-second exposure default setting)
  • Enables enforcement of mandated disinfection protocols via software-based tracking and reporting of RFID-tagged devices (for example, phones and tablets tagged with RFID chips), complete with compliance and audit reporting

 The ElectroClave is the solution your organization needs when conventional disinfection techniques are unsuitable for delicate mobile electronic devices.

Seal Shield ElectroClave UV-C

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Please contact a Derive Healthcare specialist to learn more about obtaining UV-C device and PPE disinfection products.