Cisco & Derive Networking Solutions: Highly secure, reliable & transparent for networks of every size & all of today's digital disruption & communications

Cisco states that, "Digital disruption is dismantling the status quo." According to Cisco, "That’s good news," as Cisco, in concert with Derive Technologies, provide with Cisco Networking solutions, "the perfect platform to turn disruption into opportunity: your network. So grab hold of the new possibilities, from creating new, innovative experiences to locking down security and disrupting your competition. Move quickly. Get personal. Lead the next digital transformation. It’s time to network the next."

Cisco Network Switches



Adapt your network to meet evolving business requirements and optimize new application deployments with Cisco access switches.

Campus LAN – Compact Switches

More securely and easily deploy services anywhere, even in spaces with limited wiring and cabling, with these fanless, compact switches.

Campus LAN – Core & Distribution Switches

Scale network performance and reliability with industry- leading network services, integrated service modules, and validated design guides.

Data Center Switches

Build a data center network based on switches that promote Infrastructure scalability, operational continuity, and transport flexibility.

Service Provider – Aggregation Switches

Cisco Carrier Ethernet switches provide the aggregation and multiplexing layer between access and edge layers.

Service Provider – Ethernet Access Switches

Implement class-leading switches featuring application intelligence, unified services, nonstop communications, virtualization, integrated security, and simplified manageability.

Comprehensive Blade Server I/O Solutions


Cisco Blade Switches deliver blade server network services that extend from the blade server edge to clients at the network edge. These purpose-built I/O solutions for Dell, FSC, HP, and IBM blade servers let you deploy a virtualized data center infrastructure. Among many other benefits, they can help you lower total cost of ownership as well as improve both end-user and IT productivity.

The Cisco Blade Switches family includes:

  • Cisco Catalyst Ethernet blade switches
  • Cisco MDS Fibre Channel blade switches

Advantages of Cisco Data Center Business Advantage solutions delivered through Cisco Blade Switches include:

Easy to operate & deploy

  • Virtual blade switch technology reduces the number of switches to manage
  • Management interface and troubleshooting tools are consistent with other Cisco Data Center Business Advantage products
  • Simplified SAN switch management and scalable Fibre Channel deployment with N_port virtualization (NPV)



  • Resilient LAN and SAN uplinks increase blade server and virtual machine availability
  • Virtual machine portability and live migration do not compromise security policies
  • Intelligent congestion management mechanisms optimize network bandwidth



  • Virtual blade switch technology lets you configure network topology based on application needs
  • Virtual machines stay connected to storage resources during live migration with Cisco FlexAttach
  • Scalable LAN and SAN bandwidth as business needs grow
  • Flexible options for configuration and management, such as a command-line interface and a GUI


Scalable & Simple

  • The Cisco MDS 9396S is the next generation of our highly versatile and affordable fabric switches with enterprise-class features.


High Performance & Flexibility

Cisco broadens SAN portfolio to provide high performance, versatile and affordable solutions for small businesses and enterprises, with new 96 ports 16Gbps Fabric switch, deployment options for FICON, 40GE

Converged Ethernet Storage & Enhanced SAN intelligence

The MDS 9700 Directors establishes a new benchmark for performance, delivering more than three times the bandwidth of any director in the industry. Use it to optimize your storage connectivity for mission-critical applications, massive amounts of data, solid state drives, and cloud-based environments. With the Cisco MDS 9710 and Cisco MDS 9706, you can still utilize current IT operations and knowledge.

Industry's Most Reliable Storage Director

The MDS 9000 Series is capable of decades of nonstop operations. We're taking that to the next level. The MDS 9700 Series Director includes N+1 fabric, fully redundant components, and fault-tolerant architectural design.

Greater Flexibility with Multiprotocol Innovations

The Cisco MDS 9000 Family of products provides superb flexibility with multiprotocol innovations, unlike disparate solutions. A single, proven OS across your entire data center LAN and SAN, coupled with a single point of management, makes it easier to adopt new technologies and maintain consistent networking operations.

Cisco Meraki: Simplify Mission Critical Networks


Cisco Meraki has, according to Cisco, "revolutionized the world of network management." They go on to describe that, "Meraki is introducing a powerful security appliance for the branch, and the world’s first cloud-managed range of stackable switches," with “the new MX84 security appliance and the MS350 switch family.”

  • Support for dual-active VPN connectivity and Intelligent WAN (IWAN) features
  • Resilient, full-bandwidth connections to the aggregation layer, ready for today’s demanding network clients
  • LAN connections—8 Ethernet ports (up from 4 on the previous model) and the addition of 2 brand new SFP fiber ports
  • Two dedicated WAN ports for active-active Ethernet/VPN WAN links
  • More powerful CPU and more memory—helping the 350 support larger client device counts with the performance they require
  • Up to 8 switches operate as a single physical switch with up to 160 Gbps of stacking bandwidth
  • Hot-swappable fans in addition to the power supplies


Cisco Networking Software


Your Network, Your Way

Get cutting-edge technology and industry-leading functionality with Cisco Networking Software (IOS, XE, XR, and NX-OS).

The ability to share software and maintain consistent features while allowing for reusable code, components, and more helps your business, your network, and your teams automate tasks faster and create new services or applications easier than before.

Networking Software Systems

  • Integrates technology, business services, and hardware support
  • Reduces operational spending
  • Optimizes return on investment
  • Improves business productivity


  • Supports next-generation platforms
  • Runs as a single daemon within a modern Linux operating system
  • Separates the data plane and control plane
  • Improved services integration


  • Focuses on the needs of service providers
  • Designed for the dynamic network usage requirements of services
  • Flexible programmability for dynamic reconfiguration


  • Modular and programmable for an agile data center infrastructure
  • Optimized for both physical and virtual data center environments
  • Continuous system operation, permitting maintenance and upgrades


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