Our virtualization solutions enable our clients to cost-effectively increase the capacity & reach of data center & desktop resources & move to the cloud

Derive Technologies and our strategic alliance partners, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and others, provide progressive, cost-effective virtualization solutions that dramatically extend the capacity of core technology infrastructure and networks, and turn desktops and mobile devices into powerful, dynamic resources for on-demand data and services.

Our unique solutions, built on over two decades of infrastructure consulting experience, enable any element of our New York Metro Area, national and global clients' technologies to be virtualized: datacenter, network architecture, desktop, tablet, data archives, security layers, communications (mail, messaging, text, video, etc.), and much more.


Data Center Virtualization

Our data center virtualization solutions -- with partners HPE, VMware and more -- enable businesses to realize significant increases in server utilization and significant decreases in operational server costs  – up to 50% decreases in cost. You can realize similar benefits with storage, network, and client virtualization.

It’s a fact that many customers only associate virtualization with hardware savings. However, we’ve helped some organizations realize much more – including significant savings in IT operations costs, and much faster service delivery.

Desktop Virtualization

With desktop virtualization solutions from Derive and global leaders such as Citrix and Microsoft, businesses see the centralization of management of data and applications, thus reducing administration costs and reducing risk.

Securely, and in the ways in which our clients require them, we deliver applications, data, even an entire corporate infrastructure, to remote devices and locations, anywhere, any time, and completely on-demand.

Network Virtualization

Network virtualization from Derive and our partners, such as HPE, Cisco and more, enables our clients to split up available bandwidth into a true multi-channel service, thus separating single networks into diverse, manageable parts. We provide solutuons that let one network cost-effectively become many.

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To learn more about Derive's virtualization solutions, please contact us by using the form on this page, or by calling us at (212) 363-1111. You can also learn more about our solutions with our major partners, and related services, by clicking on the images/links below.

HPE Virtualization Solutions

Derive brings our clients next-generation architectures from HPE Converged Storage--featuring HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage & HPE StoreVirtual Storage.

VMware Virtualization Solutions

Derive brings our clients virtualization solutions from VMware, at the heart of VMware's “one cloud, any application, any device” architecture.

Citrix Virtualization Solutions

Derive & Citrix empower the modern workforce with a complete application & desktop virtualization solution that delivers Windows apps & desktops to any device, anywhere.