Derive & HPE ensure secure collaboration & productivity across campuses & remote offices with workflow apps for bring-your-own & choose-your-own device users.

Derive Technologies and our strategic alliane partner, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), -- along with partner, HP, Inc. -- define the success of today's businesses, government and public sector organizations with dedicated enterprise mobility solutions that engage your employees and maximize the loyalty of your customers (and constituents).

We ensure cost-effective, secure, flexible collaboration and productivity across campuses and remote offices with workflow apps for bring-your-own (BYOD) and choose-your-own (CYOD) device mobile users.

Mobility in the Idea Economy

When people interact with the connected world, they feed incredible synergies among humans, machines, software and our environments. But it’s the quality and efficiency of those interactions that affects your organization’s ability to be transformative and achieve the business outcomes needed to thrive in the idea economy.

Why Accelerate Your Mobility Transformation

Modern Customer Experiences

Augment engagements anywhere, anytime with full consideration of context. Provide task-specific and industry-specific applications.

Inspired, More Engaged Workforces

Ensure secure collaboration and productivity across campuses and remote offices. Deliver self-service app stores and lightweight, focused workflow apps for bring-your-own and choose-your-own device mobile users.

Cost and Risk Reduction

Streamline provisioning with zero-touch, profile-based interfaces. Reduce IT tickets and time-to-resolution via contextual self-service troubleshooting. Reduce the tangible and intangible costs of “shadow IT”.

HPE Mobile App Solutions

Mobile app solutions from HPE and Derive, "help you deliver 5 star user experiences from day one throughout the life of your app."

User Experience is Everything

Your apps are the "front door" to your brand and your users know you through your app. If your app is buggy, slow and non-responsive, then that is how your customers perceive your brand. You can’t afford to have negative reviews. HPE Mobile Solutions helps organizations deliver and maintain mobile apps that give their users world-class experiences – high quality and performance, top notch availability, and trusted security.

Accelerate app delivery and continually test mobile apps across multiple devices and operating systems with HP Mobile Center and provide mobile users with exceptional and secure experiences.

Mobile Testing - Mobile App Performance

Quickly tests and deploys applications in complex, dynamic mobile environments.

Mobile App Monitoring - Mobile User Experience

Monitors the end-to-end health of your mobile app performance.

Mobile App Security

Secure your mobile stack from device to network communications to server.

Mobile Apps Services

Functional and performance testing services for your mobile applications.

Managing The Mobile App Lifecycle

If you want to truly redefine the mobile experience, you need to look at more than one element of the lifecycle. You need a predictable and repeatable mechanism for managing the mobile app throughout its lifecycle, from conception to retirement.

HPE SaaS makes mobile app monitoring incredibly easy by using AppPulse Mobile. Within minutes, you’ll have visibility into your mobile app’s end user experience - all users, all locations, all the time.

HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

ALM software and solutions to help you to release applications faster with confidence through improved collaboration, automation and visibility.

Deliver Apps with Speed & Agility

HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions enable application teams to deliver high quality apps with greater speed and agility. It combines products, development tool integrations, a partner ecosystem, and a technology-agnostic approach to improve application quality, collaboration, and productivity to avoid project delays.

Gain actionable insight and strong team collaboration across the entire software development lifecycle with ALM Software. Build, test, and deliver applications fast and with confidence.

HP Device Mobility

HP Touchpoint Manager

Cloud-based IT management made simpleManage different devices in less time using one powerful app—and watch your productivity soar.


Anywhere, anytime management

HP Touchpoint Manager comes loaded with features that put you in control of all your managed devices, no matter where you or your devices are located.

A one-stop solution

HP Touchpoint Manager is a single, cloud-based solution. There's no logging in and out of different applications, so you can solve problems faster and easier.

One solution, all devices

Manage all your Windows, Android™ or iOS devices—including smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktops—with one powerful application.

Cloud-based and easy to use

Get more done, faster, and troubleshoot issues from in or out of the office, thanks to a single user-friendly dashboard.

Better value, fewer headaches

With frequent releases included in your subscription, HP Touchpoint Manager delivers more tools for you to protect your assets, avoid surprises, and keep everyone productive.

Discover how you can transform the way you do IT.

Cloud-based IT management made simple.

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