Citrix Enterprise Mobility Management empowers employees to work from anywhere with full security, granular control & an uncompromised user experience.

Derive Technologies is a Citrix Solution Advisor Partner, and brings our corporate, government and public sector clients Citrix Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions. Citrix and Derive help you deliver all the apps your users need for true mobility – including mobile, SaaS, web, and Windows apps -- all in an integrated, industry leading solution.

Accelerate business mobility, seamlessly and securely


Mobilize every app

Security is often the first reason IT pros look for a mobility solution, but workforce productivity is equally important. The key is to make the right applications available on mobile devices—and avoid the temptation for people to seek unmanaged workarounds that put the organization at risk. Citrix helps you deliver any app to meet security and compliance requirements.

Deliver data and applications to any device, anywhere.

Keep mobile data secure


People need to share, store, sync and secure data on any device, anywhere. IT needs to protect intellectual property and comply with regulatory requirements. Citrix EMM solutions give IT the ability to control sensitive corporate data while meeting the mobility and collaboration needs of users.

Provide a great experience

Accustomed to a high-quality experience using consumer technology, people have come to expect similar convenience, simplicity and performance in their mobile work life, from self-provisioning to single sign-on to easy-to-use mobile apps.


Citrix EMM solutions enable a seamless user experience that helps people stay productive from anywhere.

Gain full management control of apps, data and devices

When it comes to EMM, device-level security is just the start.  For robust security, IT must be able to configure granular access policies and have real-time visibility into application traffic flows.  Citrix is the only EMM provider to offer an application delivery controller as an integrated component of a full EMM solution.

Citrix NetScaler provides IT with essential security, control and insight - from mobile devices all the way to the application servers.

Rethink your enterprise mobility management strategy

Most organizations have strategies in place to manage devices, apps and data, but these strategies are evolving. In a recent survey, more than 700 IT professionals provided a glimpse into how mobility technologies are evolving in their organizations.

Enterprises must re-evaluate existing mobility management strategies to account for the increase in complexity, including the growth of bring-your-own desktops and laptops and the need to support Windows apps and desktops on any device.

Citrix XenMobile delivers complete enterprise mobility management (EMM)—mobile device management, mobile application management and enterprise-grade productivity apps—in one comprehensive solution. XenMobile enhances the user experience on BYO or corporate devices without compromising security.

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