Derive's team has supported corporate, government & public sector data centers & core infrastructure for 3+ decades

Derive Technologies has made IT infrastructure and the design, staging and support of corporate, government and public sector data centers the core of our solution practice since our inception, with our team possessing more than three decades of enterprise computing experience.

We develop and deliver infrastructure and data center solutions along side of our top strategic alliance partners, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), HP, Inc., Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, and we support the offerings collaboratively designed in concert with these global leaders with additional services that unique to Derive and also produced with additional partners.

Derive has helped some of the most important businesses, government agencies and public sector enterprises in the New York Metro area, throughout the United States and across the globe to continue to modernize their infrastructure, leveraging powerful blade and flash storage technologies, power and cooling systems, backup and recovery technologies, now paired with the most current cloud — including hybrid cloud, on-demand cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) — and virtualization services.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Composable Infrastructure

Among our most powerful current offerings is delivered in concert with HPE, the new HPE Composable Infrastructure, of which CEO, Meg Whitman says, “This is as revolutionary a product as we have introduced probably in the last decade,"

According to HPE, it “lets you transform your physical and virtual data centers for the speed of the idea economy while protecting legacy IT investments.”

They go on to say that HPE Composable Infrastructure is, “a new category of infrastructure designed to optimize core applications for traditional business and cloud with a single architecture. Now, you can accelerate deployment flexibility for IT operations like never before. With the ability to compose and recompose fluid pools of compute, storage and fabric for any application or workload, Composable Infrastructure empowers developers with infrastructure as code for breakthrough time-to-market. Become the service broker for all of your apps.”

Composable Infrastructure: Apps for Traditional IT

"Built on commercial, build-it-yourself models, and sometimes based on decades old architecture. Designed to support existing business processes like collaboration or data processing." HPE's Composable Infrastructure is, "Ops driven," and "Cost focused."

Composable Infrastructure: Apps for the Idea Economy

HPE's Composable Infrastructure is, "Built for the cloud and created in a DevOps model, which can drive revenue and new customer experiences. Leverages mobility, big data and cloud-native technologies." It is, "Apps driven," and "Agility focused."

What Is Composable Infrastructure?


From HPE: "Transform cost-to-value creation with infrastructure that bridges traditional business and the new idea economy—enabling you to become a service provider for all of your applications. Dramatically reduce overprovisioning and CAPEX, and deploy more apps at cloud-like speed. For developers and IT operations teams, Composable Infrastructure creates the ideal environment for DevOps as teams need only a single line of code to reconfigure and reallocate infrastructure by simply calling up templates from HPE OneView.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise introduces the world’s first platform built from the ground up to reduce operational complexity for traditional workloads and increase operational velocity for the new breed of applications and services. Through a single interface, HPE Synergy composes physical and virtual compute, storage, and fabric pools into any configuration for any application. Simplify and accelerate virtualization, hybrid cloud and DevOps. With HPE Synergy, IT can become not just the internal service provider, but the partner to rapidly launch new applications that become the business.

The onramp to Composable Infrastructure is built on automation, convergence and workload optimization. For some time, HPE has been putting the right capabilities in place to get customers started.

HPE OneView automates operations through a unified API to manage server, storage and networking resources across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. Adding HPE OneView to HPE BladeSystem with HPE 3PAR Storage and HPE ProLiant DL Series with HPE StoreVirtual VSA delivers IT efficiency. It is easy to deploy, manage and grow. HPE ConvergedSystem delivers blocks of agile architecture that are workload-optimized and scalable for big data, cloud and mobility."

Fear No Data

"Improve efficiency and remove physical barriers using HPE Composable Infrastructure flexible storage options with virtual resource pools for any application or data type. Integrated SAS enables you to allocate up to 200 drives to a single compute node—ideal for analytics and distributed object storage. Turn compute and hypervisor-attached DAS into a shared SAN resource via HPE StoreVirtual VSA Software—ideal for virtualization. Deploy HPE 3PAR StoreServStorage flash arrays to deliver accelerated and assured levels across systems and sites—ideal for virtualization and IT-as-a-Service as well as enterprise database applications."

Derive Data Center Design Services

Derive Data Center Design Services support complete planning, blueprinting, design-build, and project management experience for the design, modernization, and relocation of physical corporate, government and public sector infrastructure facilities. Our team brings PMI certification, and other project management best-practices, along with LEED and ENERGY STAR® certification, and more standards to the support of our clients' data center projects.

We also have a unique offering of a full configuration and staging center right in lower Manhattan, wherein we can congfigure and test complete business infrastructures, then ship -- as well as provide personnel to receive, unpack, rapidly set up and test -- an entire data center, fully business-ready, to locations in the Metro area, and across the nation and world.


Our methodology, and our configuration and staging capabilities and physical center in New York, leverage what HPE calls “flexible facilities," which they go on to say utilize, "modular data center design principles and solutions," wherein we build -- along with partners like HPE, HP, Cisco, and others -- "only what is needed today and expand the facility in stages, so that size and load capacity always closely match demand." According to HPE, "This approach uses capital more efficiently, decreases energy costs, and reduces GHG emissions. It also allows customers to take advantage of technology innovations that reduce or eliminate the need for more data center space in the future. See Servers, storage, and networking."

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