Derive helps our clients to conquer Big Data challenges with innovative capacity planning, workload, analytics & data management & data warehousing solutions

Derive Technologies has been transforming traditional data center models in healthcare, financial services, government, education, and other enterprises for over three decades. Today's businesses and public sector organizations are challenged with the collection, management and use of a flood of significantly more complex data -- big data -- with the volume and variety of information, and the structural and descriptive data ("metadata") that accompany it, growing each day.

With our strategic alliance partners, including Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Citrix, and other industry leaders, we develop complete big data solutions that help our clients to, in HPE's words, "Harness all of the possibilities of big data" and unlock the future "in the idea economy."


Together with our partners, we extend the big data paradigm beyond Doug Laney (of Gartner)'s "Three Vs," of "volume, velocity, and variety," to complete management, visualization and predictive modeling, backup, security, collaboration and mobility services surrounding all media, in traditional and cloud, hybrid cloud, on-demand cloud and IoT paradigms, including that data which is detected by and 'translated' from machine learning.

Put Your Data to Work

HPE says that, "Data is the most valuable currency in the idea economy, where ideas that hit the market the fastest—win. Big data done right extracts value immediately to make customers happy, inform big decisions quickly, and find the waste and risk that should be eliminated first. When big data becomes business practice, the experiment ends and the experience wins. The data-driven organization best accomplishes continuous improvement and is most capable of planning for success with predictive power."

Better Business Through Big Data

"Knock down data silos, uncover the unknowns and establish holistic data strategies," with solutions from Derive and HPE, Microsoft, Cisco, and our other partners, including"

  • Analyze all data, structured and unstructured, throughout data and application lifecycles to unify disparate legacy data and the onslaught of new data (as an example, with HPE IDOL)
  • Adapt to needs as they arise with modular cloud and open standards data solutions, so resources are made available quickly and flexibly
  • Balance assets with liabilities through strategy and infrastructure, so only the relevant data pools inform personalization, forecasting and monetization


For the Data-driven Developer

Current solutions from HPE, Microsoft and others support the use of Apache Hadoop for, in HPE's words, "options for interactive, real-time analytics on the Hadoop platform, as well as SQL Analytics for petabyte-scale insights."

Contact a Derive Big Data Specialist

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