The Samsung Galaxy Tab® Active

Ruggedness to Withstand Demanding Conditions

With a free ruggedized protective case that can withstand drops from up to 4 feet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab keeps on performing.  It features like daylight readability, an increased operating temperature range, a POGO pin for fast and easy re-charging, and a user-replaceable battery for up to 10 hours of productivity. to learn more.

Enterprise-Ready and Productivity-Ready

The Galaxy Tab Active enables productivity for mobile workers with unique features such as C-pen and .  A three-year warranty with business support provides peace of mind for your mobile team.   to learn more.


With Citrix cloud solutions, the Galaxy Tab Active comes ready to work.  With the device already equipped with SAP® Work Manager and SAP CRM Service Manager you have complete asset management and field service capabilities.   to learn more.

Watch the Video to See How the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active is Built For Your Business