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Webair specializes on the data security needs of several industry verticals: Financial, Healthcare, and Government. It provides:

  • Private cloud hosting, storage services, and VDI solutions
  • Offsite backups of mission-critical data and applications
  • Highly customizable Disaster-recovery-as-a-Service (DRaas) solutions

When essential data must be: 1) completely redundant,  and 2) accessible at all times, Webair is a preferred solution.


Webair teams with another Derive channel partner, Veeam, to provide offsite backups as well as fully managed Veeam Microsoft 365 BaaS (Backups-as-as-Service).

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Advantech® is a leading player in the global healthcare market. Advantech iHealthcare has developed its core competencies and collaborated with international medical equipment manufacturers and system integrators to assist hospitals with advancing patient-centered...
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Amico designs, manufactures, and markets a broad range of products for virtually every department in today’s healthcare facilities. Amico’s product groups encompass: Headwalls Casework (customized hospital wall layouts) Suction and oxygen therapy...
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Barco® Healthcare designs and develops leading visualization products for healthcare organizations with an integrated approach. Across the hospital enterprise, Barco’s display systems help improve clinical performance in every department, including: Radiology:...
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Capsa Healthcare

Capsa Healthcare has a leadership position in the critical areas of medication management, healthcare IT, and pharmacy automation. Capsa solutions are deployed in an array of care environments including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, pharmacies and...
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