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Derive Technologies partners with Gradient Cyber to deliver cybersecurity threat monitoring, detection, and response 24/7 across your entire IT infrastructure. 

Gradient Cyber is a trusted cybersecurity partner operating primarily across the United States and specializing in small businesses and mid-market enterprises concerned about cybersecurity but lacking the staff to give it the attention it deserves. For a fraction of the cost of hiring one cyber analyst, our cybersecurity team can be on the job 24/7 to improve your security.

Gradient Cyber is a leading security operations center as a service (SOCaaS) vendor. With their proprietary extended detection and response (XDR) platform and expert cybersecurity team they help customers: 

  • Understand and improve their current risk and threat posture.
  • Continuously monitor for and respond to advanced cyber threats 24/7.
  • Prepare employees to recognize and deal with social engineering attacks.

    The goal is to provide cybersecurity clarity and eliminate the noise for customers.

    For a limited time, Gradient Cyber is offering Derive customers a complimentary, 2-week Introductory Risk and Threat Assessment helping see where your security posture stands today, what threats might be happening in your IT environment right now, and how you can improve your cybersecurity readiness.



    Now, for a fraction of the cost of hiring one cybersecurity employee, Gradient Cyber’s trusted cybersecurity team can be on the job 24/7 working to improve your security.

    To learn more about how Derive and Advantech solutions and capabilities can address your needs, BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION

    They tell you what they find, what needs to be done about it and eliminate the security noise and false positives. Their security service offerings help you:

    Immediately Understand Your Risk and Threat Posture

    With the Risk & Threat Assessments their expert security team helps you conduct a one-time assessment of your IT environment to identify your current cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses and develop a prioritized plan to improve.

    Monitor for and Quickly Respond to Threats 24/7

    With the Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Service their expert security team and security operations platform deliver advanced threat monitoring and response 24/7 across your entire IT infrastructure. They help you focus on the issues that really matter.

    Continually Train Employees to Recognize Bad Emails

    With the Managed Security Awareness Service, they help you keep employees trained and prepared to recognize and avoid social engineering and email phishing attacks with simulated phishing emails and regular security awareness training.


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