Derive Technologies is an Apple Authorized Enterprise Corporate Reseller

Apple Network VAR and Apple Partner with Apple-trained Systems Engineers

Our decade plus relationship with Apple lets us source, deploy, and support Apple devices and infrastructure for your organization that are both leading edge and cost effective.

Derive has always taken special pride in being able to provide you with Apple products as part of our offerings. Our team has built a strong position as an Apple server (MacMini®), workstation (iMac®), notebook (MacBook®), and tablet (iPad®) solutions provider.

Deployment Made Simple with the Apple Device Enrollment Program

Derive is now a participant in the Apple Device Enrollment Program, which provides you with a fast, streamlined way to deploy your corporate-owned Apple devices. You can easily enroll devices in a mobile device management solution, which means deployment no longer requires a manual configuration process for IT and everything is set up automatically right out of the box.

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