Lenovo revamps data center portfolio with ThinkSystem, ThinkAgile - ZDNet

Executives from Derive Technologies attanded Lenovo Transform yesterday in New York City, at Chelsea's Metropolitan Pavilion. Derive is an Authorized Lenovo Business Partner with Topseller™ Client Volume Designation, certified to sell, and develop and implement complete solutions surrounding, all of Lenovo's enterprise data center and personal systems lines of computing technologies.

An article in yesterday's ZDNet (by Larry Dignan for the ZDNet "Between the Lines" blog), entitled, "Lenovo revamps data center portfolio with ThinkSystem, ThinkAgile", outlined the announcement at Lenovo Transform of a significant expansion of Lenovo's "ThinkSystem brand", which, "will include servers, storage and networking." According to the article, "ThinkAgile is focused on software-defined data centers and integrated and converged systems."

Dignan continued: "The launch, taking place at Lenovo's Transform conference in New York, is designed to give Lenovo a beachhead in big data, high performance computing, artificial intelligence and hybrid cloud workloads. Lenovo's largest data center expansion also combines the acquired technology and intellectual property from IBM and its own infrastructure know-how." It also, according to John Wood, Derive's Vice President of Corporate Development and Marketing, who was present at Lenovo Transform, "creates a big new push toward computing for artificial intelligence this fiscal year and in coming years."

At Transform, according to ZDNet, "Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang said the data center group has been building out its portfolio and is now positioned to be more of a strategic partner for businesses." This provides a significant advantage for Lenovo partners, to, in Mr. Wood's words, "offer new technologies to meet today's demands for high performance, high availability systems for the data center and more, that are built with familiar IBM benchmarks and designed to scale and support cloud computing and IoT, to be used in private and public sector environments of different sizes." Mr. Wood continued, "We can now offer technologies that are tailored to specific environments that are upgrading and transforming from legacy systems to fresh, new paradigms, with some building blocks that will guarantee continuity."

(Lenovo ThinkAgile CX2200 system for Microsoft Azure Stack in a 25U Rack. Copyright © 2017, Lenovo and ZDNet. All Rights Reserved.)

Addditionally, at Transform, as stated by Dignan, "Kirk Skaugen, president of Lenovo's data center unit, said the company's data center portfolio can be disruptive because it isn't hampered by an established storage or networking business." According to the article: "The launch," at Lenovo Transform, was, "designed to give Lenovo a beachhead in big data, high performance computing, artificial intelligence and hybrid cloud workloads." This, according to Derive's John Wood, also includes, Lenovo's "goal of building the most powerful supercomputer by the end of the decade."

Key solutions delineated at the conference included Lenovo ThinkAgile CX2200 system for Microsoft Azure Stack in a 25U Rack, ThinkSystem DS2200, DS4200 and DS6200 (with the latest Intel Xeon processors), the Lenovo DS2200 SAN array produced specifically for, Dignan wrote, "small to mid-sized businesses." Additionlly, the DS4200 SAN array "for branch offices" and DS6200 SAN array "for I/O intensive applications", according to ZDNet. The article also mentioned the conference announcement: "On the networking front, Lenovo also launched a series of switches, the ThinkSystem NE1032T, NE1072T, NE2572T and NE10032."

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