Economic Benefits of Going Green for Healthcare IT

As the Affordable Care Act of 2010 gradually takes effect, U.S. healthcare providers will have to come up with new ways to slow down the rising cost of medical treatment. The problem is that they will also have to find ways to deliver more efficient care at the same time. There's a great article online for those who want to know more about the topic. It outlines the economic benefits of going green that a smart, resourceful IT company can give healthcare providers.

Is Cloud Computing Really a Green Technology?

Even before reading the article, you might be skeptical about whether cloud computing can really be considered green technology. Too many news articles focus on the economic benefits of cloud computing, which is why the environmental factor tends to be played down and minimized by the mainstream media. The fact of the matter is that besides the environmental benefits, small healthcare providers can get significant mileage out of green cloud computing.

It may come as a surprise to some healthcare IT leaders that larger providers may struggle more when transitioning to the virtual setup. That said, consulting with a battle-tested and knowledgeable IT firm can help healthcare providers get a better sense of how cloud computing can really impact their energy consumption (and their bottom line) since, as the article says, cloud computing is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Server Virtualization Saves Money

Virtualization is nothing new, but many healthcare IT leaders may be unsure of exactly how much it can save healthcare providers over the next decades. Server consolidation puts bloated data centers on a diet of controlled energy consumption, and we can anticipate significant benefits.

In our opinion, virtualization technology in the green healthcare industry has a very promising future. It is a new way for responsive IT companies to dynamically meet the needs of healthcare providers in a scalable way, which will be essential in the current challenging economic landscape.

Green Retrofitting Ideas

Healthcare providers owe it to themselves to consult with an IT company that is prepared to look at all available green technology options. They may find it interesting that modifying buildings with energy-efficient technology saves money as well. Updating a building's lighting system, for example, is one way to control energy consumption, according to the article. At the end of the day, there are many opportunities for healthcare IT managers to save money by going green.


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