Going Green Helps IT Companies Save Money

The Great Recession slammed the IT industry pretty hard, but the time for assigning blame is over. Businesses have no other choice but to take a long, hard look at ways to implement green IT solutions. The old mode of thinking will no longer work. Battle-tested IT consultancies like Derive Technologies know which pitfalls to avoid when going green because they see through the media hype of alternative energy and find real solutions to real problems.

Virtualization's Green Benefits and Cost Savings Go Together

Most of what we hear in the mainstream media focuses on the environmental impact of new green technologies. For sure, this is a major part of going green, but the media has basically ignored how going green affects bottom-line expenditures. To compete in this challenging global economy, company executives have to hammer out ways to save money while being more efficient. Sure, this task is easier said than done, but it is possible with green virtualization. The key when considering virtualization is to work with a smart, prepared consultancy that can implement the right amount of green technology.

What Are the Green Benefits of Virtualization?

Virtualization is nothing new to the IT community, but the green perspective is a new spin on it. Power consumption has always been a major issue when operating a data center, and it will continue to be a major problem in the future. The way we see it, a prepared consultancy like can help companies lower their Godzilla-sized carbon footprints. Switching to virtual IT can potentially lower carbon dioxide emissions by several tons. Lower energy consumption equals a cleaner environment in the long run, too.

What Are the Cost Savings of Green Virtualization?

It has to be stressed to IT managers that the mainstream media has ignored the potential cost savings of going green. Yes, lowering carbon emissions is good for the environment and saves the world. We have all gathered as much from decades of doomsaying news coverage. But the good news is that resourceful IT companies like Derive Technologies can help you accomplish your environmental objectives, while optimizing operating costs.

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