Why are massive data breaches still occurring? - From Channelnomics UK

An important article by author, @MarianMcHughCRN, in the August 16, edition of CRN UK, is entitled, "Why are massive data breaches still occurring?"  The article puts forth that, "Cybersecurity specialists claim that some generalist VARs are failing their customers." This, according to McHugh, often has to do with internal operational issues for companies/organizations -- lack of diligence, learning curves, etc. -- as well as budget constraints. However, as communicated by two security provider companies in the article, it is also "that there is a lack of understanding in threat prevention among certain larger resellers that offer cybersecurity as an offering, but do not specialise in it."

Large data vulnerabilities and hacks have been continually occurring in companies and agencies of all sizes around the world, including, cited in the article, "Ticketmaster and Reddit", among many others. CRN asserts the following: "These recent data leaks are a 'knock-on effect' of previous breaches and vulnerabilities in those companies' environments, according to Stephen Love, security architect at Computacenter." Continuing to quote Love, "Unfortunately, the way of the world is that no matter how good we get or how much due diligence you put in, there will always be an element of organisations being vulnerable".

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