NFL Team Picks HP Workstations Powered by NVIDIA Quadro for the Win [VIDEO]

NVIDIA® posted a video case study on their YouTube channel describing how a major NFL team is utilizing mobile and desktop HP® Z Workstations with NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics cards to run DVSport GameDay and other business-critical applications.

Quadro has long been the de facto standard for enterprise desktop graphics for digital designers and artists. With a range of performance, capabilities and price points, Quadro is an ideal solution for the team's HP desktop workstations. Quadro also brings desktop-class performance to the team's HP mobile workstations to enable incredibly powerful, thin and light form factors, enabling them to access, and collaborate on, graphics, video, and more with ideal visualization from any location. The team calls the combination of NVIDIA Quadro, HP and DVSport solutions a "business driver", a "fan driver", and much more!

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