Improving Workflow with HPs Managed Print Services - HPI and Business2Community

A June 2016, article on the Business2Community site, by contributor, Erica Abbott, of HP, Inc. (HPI), entitled, "Improving Workflow with HP’s Managed Print Services", described how, "Managed Print Services (MPS) can help put the focus on the business itself by eliminating the worries of one central aspect of any office: the printing environment." (Note: Erica Abbot wrote of the article: "This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HP MPS for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.")

She went on to write the following: "Armed with the motto, 'Manage business, not printers,' HP aims to help cut through the clutter of everyday tasks and improve workflow using a fleet of devices. Through their Managed Print Services, businesses are able to address such issues as reducing operating costs and controlling expenses, removing the burden of printer support from overworked IT teams, increase security in a more connected and virtual world, and increase productivity."

According to Abbott: "Managed Print Services help companies in three main ways: it optimizes infrastructure, helps manage environment, and improves workflow. The results of these approaches are plentiful, including maximizing investments, generating greater ROI, minimizing human error, improving accountability, and helping IT shift its focus to strategic projects. Using Managed Print Services for office printing can also save up to 30 percent."


Derive Technologies is a HP, Inc. (HPI) Platinum Partner and a Managed Print Services (MPS) Advanced Specialist. Derive is actively involved in a series of engagements with clients in Healthcare, and other corporate and public sector organizations, to implement HP MPS.

Please read our recently-published HP MPS Case Study regarding an important project for a major New York Metro area-based (and nationally and internationally-renowned) hospital system, that demonstrates the specific savings and process transformation provided by Derive's implementation of the solution.



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