Derive Understands What Healthcare Is About: Vince Splendido VP of Allied Services

In an interview for Intalere, Vince Splendido, Assistant Vice President of Allied Services, responsible for materials management and revenue cycle, discussed his introduction to Derive Technologies (and our dedicated Derive Healthcare practice). Allied Services is the leading provider of healthcare and human services for northeastern Pennsylvanians with disabilities and chronic illness. During a growth phase, Allied was, according to Mr. Splendido, "having issues with a previous IT vendor and supplier." Then, through Intalere, he and his team were introduced to Derive.

Mr. Splendido said that Derive "demonstrated their ability to produce on time at the right price. Furthermore, over time, they demonstrated their talent in becoming a partner to us, in identifying the needs of the organization and really starting to work with the IT team to enhance the services and the products that we offer to our customers who really are our patients and our employees."

He also expressed his appreciation for working with Intalere to identify the best possible IT solution providers to meet Allied Services' needs: "The market is endless. Through Intalere, there is a strong vetting process." (Derive is on Intalere Contract # VP 10199: Complete Product and Services Catalogue.) He continued, expressing that they brought in Derive and utilized the team to support a growth phase for Allied and the needs surrounding a fast-tracked move into a new facility: "Derive was able to anticipate what some of those needs were, deliver on the products and have them ready... Derive has stepped up to the plate... They understand what healthcare is about. It's not selling me a server; it's selling me a service that helps me take care of my patients at the end of the day."

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