10 biggest malware campaigns & high-profile cyberattacks of 2017 - From Beckers Healthcare

An article in the December 5, 2017, edition of Becker's Healthcare ("Becker's Health IT and CIO Review"), by author, Julie Spitzer, was entitled, "10 biggest malware campaigns & high-profile cyberattacks of 2017". According to Spitzer, "In just one year, the sale of ransomware on the dark web grew more than 2,500 percent..." and that, "In 2016, the ransomware market on the dark web was $249,287, but by October 2017, it exceeded $6 million." The article quoted a Carbon Black report: "In 2016, ransom payments totaled roughly $1 billion, up from $24 million in 2015...".


Spitzer went on to list the "the 10 biggest malware campaigns and high-profile cyberattacks, reported by Becker's Hospital Review, that affected business operations around the globe in 2017." The attacks cross all vertical industries and types, in chronological order according to the article:

  1. HealthNow Networks.
  2. WannaCry.
  3. Washington State University.
  4. NotPetya.
  5. Verizon.
  6. Defray.
  7. Locky.
  8. Equifax.
  9. Bad Rabbit.
  10. Uber.



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