Our Real Estate & Construction industry solutions have served the needs of NYC metro area, national & global firms for two+ decades.

Derive Technologies’ team has, for more than two decades, supported the IT business needs of some of the world’s best known real estate and construction firms, with our practice having originated, and still operating, in the global capital of New York City and the New York Metro area, working with organizations known in, and with branch offices across, the entire United States and across all continents.

Developed along side of our strategic alliance partners -- including Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), HP, Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Citrix, Apple, Lenovo and other global leaders -- our innovative solutions provide the core infrastructure, data management, application implementation frameworks, mobility and collaboration solutions, and much more for Commercial Real Estate (CRE) and public sector firms, REITs, construction firms and others.

Our solutions support contract and billing applications, workforce management — with teams working, inherently, in multi-site paradigms, locally, nationally and internationally — information management (big data and all critical business data), as well as meeting state, local and national regulatory compliance for systems, and much more. We also help CRE, REIT, government agencies, consulting companies, contractors and more to reduce TCO on technologies to increase profit margins and/or stay in budget, all while keeping these firms on the cutting edge of customer and constituent service delivery.

Derive’s technology solutions for the real estate industry comprise:

Application planning & capacity services

The right technologies, in and out of data centers and the cloud (including hybrid cloud and on-demand cloud), for all business applications including portfolio management, billing, marketing and sales, design (with collaboration), big data, engineering, project management and planning, project financials, materials and equipment management, and workforce management


Ensuring that real estate companies have the fastest possible access to critical data at the point of closing, or to manage projects, budgets and billing

Data warehousing & backup

Comprehensive services for big data — for large source files, including architectural drawings, CAD and more, including “smart” digital materials that are used collaboratively across an organization for design and project delivery — including complete data stores, and business-intelligent search and retrieval, via IoT and on-demand portals and other access, and from physical and virtualized infrastructure

Enterprise Security

Security for systems, data, transactions, networks, web portals, etc. for all sensitive information, and for customer interaction

Regulatory Compliance Support

Systems, applications, and data protocols that meet regulatory standards for RPAC Core, USA PATRIOT Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Money Laundering Control Act (MLCA) and Executive Order 13224. These solutions are delivered through Derive's IT business planning services, through technology delivery with our strategic partners, and with other organizations that certify compliance for real estate firms with which Derive has long-held relationships.

Physical plant services

Collaborating with real estate and construction firms to provide physical technology planning and other services for properties

Managed Technology Services

Complete outsourced, or hybrid co-sourced, managed technology services for midsized organizations—enabling complete “virtual CIO” services for real estate firm IT management, or complete functions outsourced to better leverage internal professional resources


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