Experience in supporting physician, nursing, pharmacy and clinical engineering leadership

Derive Technologies provides solutions that focus on secure, affordable, easy-to-administer healthcare networks, healthcare cloud, mobility and data services, healthcare workflow optimization and point-of-care.

Healthcare organizations often have a combination of legacy and new applications running on disparate proprietary networks, which can create interoperability, visibility, and security issues. Such chaos can challenge an organization’s ability to securely access and exchange patient information.

Meeting Healthcare Challenges

However, healthcare providers face many challenges in their adoption of technology and must strike a difficult balance:

  • Support unified wired and wireless communication, patient monitoring systems, real-time collaboration, automated self-service, and on-demand internet access to patient medical and billing information
  • Reduce the complexity and cost burden on IT
  • Ensure privacy of sensitive patient health records

Derive’s holistic healthcare consulting approach empowers health care institutions to meet all data, computing, and other related challenges surrounding:

  • Patient care
  • Information sharing
  • Teaching and learning
  • Medical/pharmaceutical R&D


We also provide unique support for fleets of mobile point-of-care and other related devices, wherein our own team directly repairs and refreshes the devices, their power units, and more before they have to be replaced.

Healthcare Infrastructure

Additionally, throughout our entire history, we've addressed other unique requirements of Healthcare infrastructure, including:

  • Healthcare data centers, systems and management
  • EHR/EMR mobility--applications brought to providers, patients and administrators anywhere, over all devices
  • Cloud, hybrid cloud and virutalization, including HIPAA and other regulatory issues converting to these paradigms
  • Telemedicine and other content delivery, security and more issues related to mobile healthcare workforces

Other Services

  • Workflow Transformation
  • Medication Management
  • Infection Control / Medical Grade
  • Telemedicine
  • Healthcare Infrastructure
  • Service Plans / Lifecycle Support
  • Derive Comprehensive Onsite Support Agreements

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