Derive helps educational institutions to build digital transition plans, then execute on all processes, technologies, services & purchasing/support contracts to increase innovation & engagement & reduce costs.


Education Technology & Trends

According to a March 2015 e.Republic article, entitled “Top Education Trends Driving K-20 Technology Spending in 2015”, “The Center for Digital Education’s 2015 Market Forecast for K-12 and higher education finds top trends that are driving the education technology market.” According to the article, these comprise:

“The Shift to Digital Touches Everything.”

This represents for K-12 schools and colleges and universities (*as well as corporate learning), “widespread use of mobile devices on campuses, the increase in digital content and the need for more personalized learning are changing how students learn and how classes at all levels are taught.”

Derive provides complete solutions for all education markets to meet these needs, including:

  • Digital content/digital data
  • Networking/network infrastructure
  • Mobility
  • Video solutions—content, presentation, security, on-demand availability video solutions for in-person, e-learning, digital classrooms and more
  • Core IT infrastructure—to, according to the article, “move teaching and learning into the digital world.”
  • Managed technology services and ITaaS and SaaS


“The Transition to Digital Content Is Still in the Early Stages.”

The article states that, “While more than half of education institutions have done a test drive with digital content, just 22% have a complete strategy for digital transition in place.”

We can help educational institutions to build their digital transition plans, and then execute on all of the technologies, delivery methods, technical services and purchasing/support contract services, as well as innovative solutions surrounding cloud computing (on-premise, on-demand), Internet of Things (IoT)-based needs, hardware refresh – including ongoing plans to keep tablets and other smart devices up to date at all times with proper content, security, bandwidth, and familiarity to student, educator and other users, all at highly competitive (i.e. lower) costs – and digital display.

“Education Relies on Industry Experts for Security.”

According to e.Republic, “Cyber and data security are key investment areas for both K-12 and higher education.” (As well as for corporate/business education programs.) They go on to state that, “The vast majority of K-12 districts, especially smaller districts, do not have a full-time chief security officer, so they rely heavily on their ISPs and security vendors to fill this role.”

The article also goes on to assert that, according to a “Center for Digital Education survey,” when asked, “‘How confident are you that your students’ data and privacy are protected with your current security protocols and technologies?’ Fewer than 1 in 3 educators say they are very confident.”

Derive provides complete cybersecurity and data center security solutions to meet all of these needs, including those – using Higher Education as one example – following EDUCAUSE’s Higher Education Information Security Council (HEISC). These include, among many more:

  • Huge diversity of unmanaged devices connecting to the network – laptops, smart phones, etc.
  • Seasonal spikes in malware introduced by students returning from holiday break
  • Enabling free information flow while protecting students and faculty
  • Exposure to legal liabilities through P2P application abuse

“More than Half of Educators Say Planning for New Technology Initiatives Takes 10 months or more.”

“Educators are looking for private-sector partners who understand their goals and challenges and are willing to make the time investment to help them work through the planning process.”, according to the article.


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