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Document Printers

In any hospital or healthcare facility environment, document printers are always present to reproduce all manner of patient records and associated paperwork. What separates those employed in medical settings as opposed to standard office environments is the need to frequently sterilize the external printer housings with disinfectant wipes.

Vendor: HP

Purpose-built for the unique needs of a healthcare environment, these devices are sanitizable, integrated into your EMR, mobile-enabled, secure, and EMI certified for medical-grade emissions for safe use around sensitive patients and medical equipment. Help increase patient safety, reduce care provider burnout, and improve outcomes. The HP Healthcare Edition printers and multifunction devices are sanitizable with germicidal wipes—every shift, every day. They reduce the risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI) within the patient sphere with medical-grade certification when printing, transmitting, or receiving patient medical records without risk of inference with implanted devices or surrounding medical equipment.

Reduce care provider burnout by simplifying logins with just a swipe of your regular Imprivata-enabled badge to an embedded card reader. Pull printing documents from any HP Healthcare Edition printer wherever you are in the healthcare system—no need to track down where lab reports, discharge papers, prescriptions, medication reconciliations, or other patient documentation were printed, nor risk exposing mismatching patient documents. Best of all, forget paper fax chaos with trackable digitization that’s integrated with your EMR to improve care coordination and clinical decision support.

Lastly, protect patient data and support HIPAA requirements with the world’s most secure printers. Securely integrate with your network and minimize IT demand while helping to protect patient confidentiality.

HP Healthcare Edition Multifunction Printer

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