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Derive Technologies’ client is one of the largest multispecialty physician practices in the New York area. The distributed practice enables patients with different medical conditions to see all health professionals in the same office. It comprises more than 500 physicians in over 30 facilities.

The care group faced significant space utilization and workflow challenges in its offices. In 2014, the client chose to address these challenges with specialized Humanscale® Healthcare wall-arm systems. Humanscale helps achieve better care through better design. Derive Healthcare, a Humanscale strategic alliance partner, developed a cost-effective, streamlined solution to implement these unique products – which maximize caregiver comfort – throughout all of the client’s distributed facilities.


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Derive's client is a renowned, physician-led, multi-specialty medical group, comprising numerous facilities distributed throughout the five New York City boroughs and other parts of the New York Metro area.

Over the past decade, all healthcare providers have faced increasing fiscal, operational, workflow and other challenges related to bringing a wide variety of essential technologies to patient bedsides. Among the many complex issues surrounding these point-of-care (POC) technologies is ergonomics—in addition to heart and blood pressure devices, medication dispensers, and other “traditional” systems, are the now-ubiquitous, wireless mobile medical, nursing, and other workstations, along with keyboards, computer monitors, mice, barcode scanners, power supplies, and more. Every additional system creates logistical and efficiency issues in clinical facilities.

As a care organization with the majority of its offices in New York City’s densely-populated boroughs, Derive’s client is confronted with unique space challenges. In 2014, this multi-site practice was expanding, and many of their facilities – in compact, urban spaces – would either be new, or entirely redesigned, to improve the group’s overall quality of care, and to create more efficient working environments for all staff. Derive has maintained a long, trusted working relationship with the care group. Therefore, during the client’s 2014 office redesign and expansion project, Derive’s professional services team was called upon to collaborate with the practice’s medical, nursing and administrative stakeholders, and with general architectural and construction contractors, to perform clinical workflow assessments.

Among Derive’s many strategic alliances with industry-specific technology manufacturers, the company is one of only a few Humanscale® Healthcare Partners, value-added resellers (VARs), and fully-authorized service providers in the United States. According to Humanscale, Derive uniquely fits their goal of partnering “with companies who share our vision of innovation. Our special corporate partnerships ensure we continue to create ground-breaking products that drive forward our message of design built on form, function and simplicity.”

The care group’s leaders, the general contractor, and Derive collectively assessed that one of the most important components of a redesigned workflow to improve care and create comfortable working environments within the practice’s compact, urban office spaces, would be more streamlined wall system solutions. Based on industry recommendations, and Derive’s partnership, all stakeholders selected Humanscale’s ViewPoint Technology Wall Stations – specifically, the Humanscale V6 line of wall arm systems – to meet the practice’s needs. According to Humanscale, the innovative, award-winning, “V6 technology wall station… was engineered and designed by the Humanscale Design Studio specifically for the healthcare market.” Humanscale goes on to say that “the V6 fosters effortless patient-caregiver interactions and its advanced cable management is essential in the modern healthcare space. The design aesthetic is complementary and calming for any healthcare environment.” They combine “exceptional space-savings with leading ergonomic design for comfortable caregiver computer use in any posture,” supporting “a monitor and keyboard—along with hardware, shelves and accessories—within an ergonomic adjustment range for easy positioning to provide a healthy computing experience and encourage engagement with patients.” The V6’s “sealed cable management system also promotes organization and mitigates infection-control concerns.”

Derive’s core implementation of the Humanscale V6 Wall Stations throughout the majority of the client’s facilities was undertaken from August 2014 to March 2015. Certain construction, care provision, and other issues related to the entire modernization project – including, among other considerations, wall reinforcements to support the weight of the Humanscale systems (though they are highly streamlined, the arms themselves weigh over 100 lbs.), office wiring, etc. – briefly slowed some of the deployments. However, as of March 2015, Derive had successfully installed and tested over 1,000 Humanscale arms in more than 35 refurbished and new facilities for the group practice.

Derive’s strategic alliance with Humanscale offers the care provider extended cost efficiencies for the purchase of Humanscale’s product lines—Derive is also on multiple federal, state and local technology backdrop contracts and is a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE), which demonstrates the company’s commitment to diversity and enables further cost savings to healthcare organizations. Cited by the client as a set of powerful further capabilities, Derive’s healthcare practice has been recognized for its comprehensive understanding of point-of-care workflow, of space and other constraints found in crowded urban locations, and of overall information technology—Derive has many years of experience working with a vast array of technologies in and out of corporate and public sector data centers. The industry-standard, but client-tailored best practices brought by Derive for next-stage Humanscale deployments, and the ease of those rollouts for all of the provider’s new offices through the utilization of Derive’s methods, its professional services team and its local, convenient Configuration and Staging Center, have been recognized by the client as attributes that reduce their total cost of ownership through efficiency and scalability, and improve their overall clinical and business workflow. Additionally, Derive is uniquely certified in the repair of Humanscale systems – onsite in the care group’s offices, or in Derive’s Wall Street facility – if required; thus adding even further cost, space, and training efficiencies for continued use of the Humanscale line.

In Humanscale’s words, the ViewPoint line, as implemented by Derive, puts “caregivers’ comfort first, so they can focus on delivering the best possible care to their patients.”

In 2014, Derive's dedicated Derive Healthcare practice was engaged to support the practice’s purchase of the Humanscale V6 Wall Stations, and to design the workflow for each installation throughout its offices. Derive then deployed all of the V6 systems in the client’s facilities in a scheduled rollout. Before implementing the new Humanscale solution, Derive and the client’s IT team inventoried the technologies that would be deployed on the new Humanscale wall arm systems – including desktop and notebook computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, barcode scanners, and more – ensuring that, for all devices that would be retained, they could be rapidly added to the wall units. According to Humanscale, the V6 provides flexible “monitor and keyboard arm lengths for ultimate versatility”—this enabled the practice to accommodate a vast array of monitor heights and widths, as well as keyboards, mice, and more. Derive implemented and tested the then-current (2014) technologies and peripherals retained by the practice, or newly-purchased technologies, on the V6 Wall Stations. Derive and the client also tagged legacy wall arms and carts used to hold computing technologies, then assisted the group in their decommissioning or disposal.

Following the ergonomic design developed by Derive and key clinical and architectural stakeholders, Derive would then deploy and test the V6 workstations, beginning by collaborating with construction contractors to ensure that wall mounts were effectively positioned, and power was adequately concealed in walls, floors, ceilings in accordance with federal (including NAICS 2211, OSHA, and others), state, and city safety guidelines. Each V6 deployment was fast-tracked by Derive, so the practice could keep its facilities open during the project, with specific offices remodeled while all of the others within the same building were available for use to clinical staff for ongoing care provision. Many of the wall arm replacements – from older, bulkier systems to the new V6 technologies – in remodeled offices were performed during evening hours, significantly reducing, or eliminating, any interruption in patient care. In new facilities, Derive used the same fast track deployment and testing method so that the opening of these new offices could be achieved on time and on budget.

Derive was also able to accelerate the pacing of certain components of rollout by preconfiguring many of the Humanscale V6 wall units in Derive’s state-of-the-art Configuration and Staging Facility in lower Manhattan (uniquely positioned on New York City’s Wall Street). Derive’s professional services team received equipment from multiple locations, including the Humanscale units, and the monitors and other peripherals to be mounted (both legacy and newly-purchased systems) either directly from Dell and other IT manufacturers, or with items hand-carried, truck-sent, or mailed from the client’s office locations. The Derive team would then mount the majority of technologies onto the V6 units, and then ship them preconfigured, and with wiring pre-threaded, to (or back to) any required office locations. Smart hands (from Derive’s team) at the group practice’s office locations – from Derive’s team – would then, and to, install and test the systems in exponentially less time than it would take to perform these tasks in entirely at each site. This was, and remains, a highly efficient method of delivering these systems for any of the practice’s office upgrades or new office launches.

Humanscale’s V6 Wall Systems enable everything on the workstation – monitors, mice, keyboards and other devices – to be rotated and flushed directly against the wall. “The V6 can also,” according to Humanscale, “be configured with an accessory mount or rail for peripheral shelves to store gloves, wipes, and other common items.” This mount is flushed as well to the wall following use by a doctor, nurse, aid, administrator or other professional. Humanscale’s design has led to dramatic improvements in Derive’s client’s space utilization, to more comfortable and practical work environments, and, thus, has increased the practice’s capacity to provide better patient care.

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