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Increased patient volume has long been a prevalent issue in healthcare.

With every flu season, hospitals nationwide have adapted and converted facilities to accommodate a swell of patients. While COVID-19 hospitalizations have been in a decline since mid-January, facilities still expect volume surges due to missed check-ups, delayed treatments, and mental health tolls suffered during the pandemic.

To successfully meet demands and provide quality care, hospitals have begun to automate clinical tasks, yet this has opened the way to another costly problem: misplaced clinical assets.

From bed tracking to ventilator monitoring to nurse assignments, every resource is crucial to assist patient recovery and handling increasing volume loads. We recommend modernized visibility solutions like RFID tracking, which can help medical staff track resources and shave as much as 21 minutes of inefficient searching from every shift without adding more devices to the asset pool.

Track, Manage, and Update all through One Solution

RFID and real-time location visibility solutions have been cited as one of the top three transformative technologies in healthcare, currently considered by 83% of facilities nationwide as a way to manage dynamic workflows. RFID visibility supported by Zebra’s healthcare-grade mobile devices increases asset availability by:

  • Documenting device usage – Tag assets such as IV pumps, heart monitors, beds, and more with tags to monitor how and where your assets are being used via your mobile device. Zebra’s TC52-HC touch computer can easily be paired with an RFID sled to read tags and evaluate usage.

  • Monitoring service schedules – When assets are misplaced, they may not be properly serviced or disinfected according to preset schedules. By integrating visible accountability, devices can be quickly located, serviced, cleaned, and deployed back to where they’re needed most, ensuring availability and performance.

  • Certifying proper storage – Clinical assets can account for as much as 25% of a hospital’s total budget. To prevent premature device damage and associated replacement costs, real-time location systems can help your staff ensure assets are correctly stored at the end of every shift, further diminishing search times.

  • Safely transcribing patient information straight onto EHR systems – Further curbing misidentification during times of high patient volumes, RFID data capture can also help clinicians update EHRs in real-time within a HIPPA-certified platform, housed on their mobile device. By accurately tracking patients and treatment plans, administrators can best allocate resources without compromising departments.

Adaptable and scalable to different-sized facilities, RFID tracking solutions can be readily customized to fit current needs, capturing actionable intelligence that help prepare your facility for future challenges. To see how RFID asset tracking would fit in your facility, CONTACT US today for a free assessment.


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