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Barcode Scanner

A ubiquitous tool for today’s medical professionals is the handheld barcode scanner (both tethered and wireless). It supports positive patient identification, data entry for electronic health record (EHR) systems, and barcode-based medication administration.

Listed below are several industry-standard models.

Vendor: Code

Description: CR2700 Scanner

Code’s newest data capture solution is purpose-built for the varied and critical patient workflows healthcare professionals face. Its metal-free exterior eliminates risks of chemical corrosion and provides additional features like inductive charging and smart device management.

Vendor: DataLogic

Description: Gryphon GBT4102-HC Scanner

Datalogic’s Gryphon HC product series is specifically developed for healthcare applications with Disinfectant-Ready enclosures treated with anti-microbial additives designed to withstand daily cleaning with disinfectant solutions. Gryphon HC readers provide unmatched flexibility offering healthcare professionals the complete suite of reading and radio technologies available within the Gryphon series. From corded models to standard Bluetooth® wireless technology or to the powerful Datalogic STAR narrow-band radio, Gryphon HC readers offer customers the widest variety of products and radio choices with disinfectant-ready enclosures.

Vendor: Zebra

Description: DS8100 Series Scanner

Instantly captures the most difficult-to-read barcodes and boasts an industry-first housing that offers maximum protection against the spread of bacteria. The Night Mode with Vibrate feature provides haptic feedback on decodes plus a built-in lamp.

Combined with swappable power sources—a PowerPrecision+ battery or PowerCapTM capacitor—and unrivaled manageability tools to keep your scanners up, running, and in the hands of your staff, the DS8100-HC Series is the ideal solution to enhance patient safety and the efficiency of point-of-care operations.

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