Transformational Consultative Leadership

Derive Technologies' Executive Team, led by CEO, Kirit Desai, brings decades of experience and vision to the development and execution of cost-effective solutions for our clients that meet their needs for the highest levels of productivity, innovation, growth and customer care.

Our leaders are exceptional individuals, embodying what is found in each and every Derive team member: they're collaborative, responsive, resourceful, battle-tested and smart--a united team that puts our clients first in every way.

Kirit Desai, Chief Executive Officer

Kirit Desai is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Derive Technologies.

Lawrence Marcus, President & Chief Operating Officer

Lawrence Marcus has served as Derive Technologies’ President and Chief Operating Officer since 2000.

Mitchell Martinez, Executive Vice President

Mitchell Martinez has served as Derive Technologies’ Executive Vice President of Sales since 2000.

Darius Stafford, Chief Technology Officer

Darius (“Staffy”) Stafford is Derive Technologies’ Chief Technology Officer, a member of the team since 1989.

Madhu Royal, Vice President, Sales

Madhu (“Roy”) Royal is Vice President of Sales for Derive Technologies, a member of the team since 1991, serving in progressive roles.

Bill Eggers, Vice President, Solutions

Bill Eggers has been Derive Technologies’ Vice President of Solutions since the year, 2000. He leads Derive’s dedicated healthcare and public sector practices.

Steve Weissman, Director of Services

Steve Weissman has been Derive Technologies’ Director of Services since the year 2000, and is responsible for the delivery of all technology services to Derive’s clients.

William Rochford, Vice President, Business Development

William Rochford is Derive's Vice President of Business Development for Healthcare and Public Sector, having joined the company in 2011.