We bring a consultative approach to every engagement

Derive Technologies leverages the vast experience of our team to support engagements of any size, creating tailored, modular, or, if desired, complete, end-to-end, solutions for our clients through deep insights into overall business consulting, vertical industry, technology, and process and support best-practices.

However, Derive's hands-on, real world, consultative and collaborative approach to solution delivery -- recognized with high accreditation and praise from our clients, partners and affiliates -- is built into everything we do, from the simplest to the most multifaceted of tasks. It's how we do things and why we add value; it does not add further layers of complexity, and/or cost, to working with us.



In addition to standard technology services surrounding data centers, software and data (including big data), cloud computing and hybrid cloud, colaboration, security, storage, mobility, IT support and managed services, our consultative approach comprises:

  • Strategic project planning and blueprinting--customized for your organization and its needs
  • Business structure assessments--to help create IT best practices specifically for your industry
  • Process standardization
  • Facility walk-thoughs
  • IT risk management
  • Technology current and future state assessments--including the best possible leveraging of existing infrastructure and systems and migration and upgrade to new paradigms
  • Financial and operational modeling--including IT capital planning
  • Security assessments
  • Compliance reviews
  • Benchmarking, testing and diagnostics
  • IT sourcing, procurement and support contract solutions


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