Consultative Solutions developed in one of the world's exciting, challenging markets

Derive Technologies has built its business on a foundation of direct consultative work for healthcare, financial services, government and public sector, and professional services enterprises in New York City, one of the nation's and the globe's capitals and most exciting, challenging markets.

Our special insights and our alliances give us the capacity to consult to, and roll up our sleeves and deliver multifaceted solutions for, large and mid-sized clients not only in the New York Metro area, but across the United States and around the globe.

Derive's capacity to design, sell, and support complete or modular solutions that we cost-effectively tailor to such formidable businesses and institutions, has received special attention from the strategic technology alliance partners with which we've developed long, productive relationships. These qualities, plus significant investment on the part of Derive and these global-leading technology providers, in learning/training and certification in business consulting, technology, sales and marketing, have been acknowledged with the highest of partnership levels. We are proud to hold platinum, gold and other preeminent partner statuses with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP, Inc., Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Citrix, Apple, Lenovo, and others, including the world's largest distributors.


Our Consulting Team

Derive's team consists of nearly 150 IT professionals, in business consulting and solution sales, and in services, who cost-effectively deliver technological innovation and direct support.

Consulting Process

Derive's hands-on, real world, consultative and collaborative approach to solution delivery is built into everything we do, without adding further layers of complexity and cost to working with us.