Powerful, Versatile, Anywhere, Anytime Devices from Derive & Our Alliance Partners

Workstations, Notebooks, Tablets & Hybrids

Derive's innovative and energy saving personal computing solutions keep your costs manageable while combining performance, innovation, reliability, game-changing design, and cutting-edge technologies.

Our powerful and versatile solutions include simple yet secure Thin Client PCs, intuitive and space-saving all-in-one workstations, notebooks and ultra-portables, and hybrid devices -- tablet + notebook, or large-format smartphones/mini-tablets -- for your mobile workforce. Derive makes it possible for your bring-your-own-device workforce to count on the same rich, self-service computing experience that drives productivity at home.

Over secure and reliable networks, your employees can access and deploy applications to any end-user device via their own private cloud. Mobile workstation solutions are ideal for power-users, developers, and designers who create digital content and operate other CPU information applications, with the essential security and business features that give you peace of mind.

We strive to provide you with the best solutions and keep up with the latest in technology innovation. To ensure the seamless integration of increasingly innovative mobile devices, Derive has built strong alliances with the industry’s finest.

Digital Printing & Imaging

Derive provides innovative digital printing and imaging products for your demanding enterprise environment, which translates into high performance, flexibility, and power.

We can provide you with fast and high-capacity multifunction devices, in addition to paper-to-digital conversion.

Digital Signage & Monitors

Derive supports digital signage products that are engineered to increase efficiency and provide you with stylish and efficient ways to inform, advertise and entertain in various indoor environments.

Our visual solutions also include custom corporate imaging, which allows you to maximize productivity by keeping your employees connected. Derive and our alliance partners also provide a variety of visual solutions for PCs, tablets and other essential end-user devices.

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