Cisco® Meraki provides you with all the products you need to manage your enterprise's comprehensive mobility solution.  The Meraki dashboard allows you to monitor and control thousands of mobile devices from a central location.  Unique features including Cisco Systems Manager gives you the ability to automatically track device posture and adjust security policies to match.  The resources below show how Meraki can be integrated into your organization.


Cisco Meraki for Financial Services

Cisco Meraki offers, "high performance, cloud managed solutions," that are "almost completely hands off at a local level with integration between appliances" and that provide "VPN access, application aware firewall, content filtering, WAN optimization," and "load balancing for performance." (*Excerpted from a Cisco Financial Services [Banking] case study.)

Cisco Meraki for Healthcare

Cisco Meraki's cloud-based platforms allow your healthcare organization to remain HIPAA-compliant, while providing you with an intuitive, centrally-managed network solution.  Simplify management of your mobile devices, improve patient and guest experience with reliable Wi-Fi, and reduce management complexity by implementing this comprehensive healthcare solution.  Read the or watch the video below to learn more.


Cisco Meraki for Education

The Cisco Meraki's secure, cloud-based technology makes it the ideal solution for educational institutions.  The Meraki solution provides you with the constant connectivity, secure access points, and cloud-based management services you need to fulfill your institutions needs and budgetary requirements.  Read the  or watch the video below to learn more.


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