State of the Art Configuration & Staging Facility

Derive Technologies’s state of the art technology configuration and staging center is unique to the East Coast of the United States, as it is in the heart of New York City, in Lower Manhattan, on Historic Wall Street.

This puts our facility directly within proximity of a vast array of major corporate and public sector organizations the New York and New Jersey metro area so we can provide pre-configuration and onsite deployment of systems and images, while also having capabilities for fully testing systems and shipping them throughout the United States and internationally.


Our Facility

  • Located at 120 Wall Street
  • 24/7 Secure Facility
  • Secure loading dock with full trailer unload/load capacity


Services offered

  • Asset capture/tag
  • Imaging
  • Light assembly, Staging/Kitting
  • Logistics Management, Project Support--Store/Hold, PIP, Just-in-Time Shipments


Contact Derive to Learn More

Please fill out the form on the right side of this page, or call (212) 363-1111, to contact Derive about our specialized configuration and staging capabilities.